Friday, 16 May 2014

Pension Cell

When Mrs. Sharifa Khanam Ismail Syed (picture attached) approached us on 28 April, 2014, her Pension Account had been frozen by State Bank of India and she was unable to draw even a single rupee of pension since October, 2013.
She was literally in tears, as all her three daughters are married and she had to depend on her relatives’ support.
·         Her husband expired on 07 Mar 2013 and she had withdrawn his pension through ATM out of ignorance.
·         When she realized her mistake, she approached the bank, who although completed formalities of opening new bank account in her name and also crediting her pension to the account, froze her account due to the over drawl of pension.
·         While she was entitled to enhanced Family Pension, Bank could have initiated recovery of excess withdrawn as per Cir.141.
·         Instead, they froze her account.
·         Case was very strongly taken up with the branch as well as the seniors of SBI on 28th April itself.
·         On 6th May, 2014, widow’s account was made operational and recovery as per PCDA Cir.141 i.e. 30% of the due pension has been initiated.

·         It has been further noticed that the veteran himself was receiving less pension and arrears could be due to him, for which again mail to SBI has been forwarded.

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