Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Flag Day Fund

Armed Forces Flag Day

The 'Armed Forces Flag Day' is solemnly observed every year on 7 December. By displaying Armed Forces Flag on this day, the citizenry reinforces its solidarity with Armed Forces for what they contribute to the nation. It reassures Defence Personnel that entire nation is behind them.

Purpose of Flag Day Fund:

  • Rehabilitation of battle casualties.
  • Resettlement and welfare of ex-servicemen and their families.
  • Resettlement of War Disabled, War Bereaved and empowerment of widows and dependents.
On this day, the community also expresses its gratitude and appreciation by contributing to the "Armed  Forces Flag Day Fund" to honour the brave and the dead for their supreme sacrifice as well as salute the valiant soldiers, sailors and airmen, both serving and veterans.
This fund is utilized for the various welfare programmes instituted by the “Department of Sainik Welfare" Maharashtra State, for the benefit and empowerment of widows, disabled soldiers, ex-servicemen and their dependants and also for the serving personnel. To make these programmes meaningful, it requires generous voluntary participation and generous support from one and all.

Exemption from Income Tax

The contribution towards the "Armed Forces Flag day Fund" is exempted from Income Tax deduction under Income Tax Act 1961 Rule 297 (2)(k) section 15b.

The Department of Sainik Welfare, Maharashtra State is the state level organization and is located at "Raigarh", opposite National War Memorial, Ghorpadi, Pune 411001. The Department acts as a link between the Kendriya Sainik Board, New Delhi, The Government of Maharashtra and various Zilla Sainik Welfare Offices in the Maharashtra State.

Mode of Payment

Direct Deposit to the following Account:

Account No: 60061347784
Bank of Maharashtra, Ghorpadi Branch, Pune
IFS Code: MAHB00001184
Name: Flag Day Fund (Public) Account
By Account Payee cheque/Drafts payable to “Armed Forces Flag Day Fund”.

Cheques/Drafts may be forwarded to:

Armed Forces Flag Day Fund
C/O Director Department of Sainik Welfare, Maharashtra State
RAIGAD, Opposite National War memorial,


  1. yes this is but we did it only till we were in school so let us contribute to it as we become professionals

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